Darkhorse Press- We are a small press independent publishing company focused on and dedicated to  the concepts and study of New Thought / New Paradigm Evolution of Human Consciousness.  
  We are a small press independent publishing company focused on and dedicated to  the concepts and study of New Thought / New Paradigm Evolution of Human Consciousness.    


From Here Untill Forever
V. Blakeman Vaughn

ssays in the spirit of Emerson. Personal & spiritual perspectives and insights on practical faith that does not depend on, but does not rule out, miracles and gifts of grace. A spiritual life that can be found even in a troubled world.
Paperback, 84 pgs.

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$ 6.95 Paperback
$ 2.95 E-Book


Victoria Chames

A whimsical little flea-market of a book of poems, sketches and stories. Observations, sometimes through the eyes of a child, sometimes as an adult, but always in wonder of it all when beauty shows up in unexpected ways.

Paperback, 84 pgs.

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$ 6.95 Paperback
$ 2.95 E-Book


V. Blakeman Vaughn

A collection of 40 beautiful verses
with insights that will surprise, inspire, and uplift you in mind and spirit.  

Paperback, 52 pgs

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A Space Between Rains
Victoria Chames

A love story in poetry, about endings and beginnings and making mistakes.
Paperback, 76 pgs

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$ 2.95 E-Book


More About This
Victoria Chames

Thought-provoking, unexpected, sometimes funny and then profound, "essays about everything."  Challenges and questions that come up when we seek to live a deeply personal faith in a physical world.
paperback 88 pgs

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$ 6.95 Paperback
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Victory Is My Name
Book 1: The Burning Barrel

Victoria Chames

More than a memoir, more than a story of overcoming, Victory is about unlearning the untruths we were taught as children that forbid us to be who we reallly are, and hold us hostage for life unless we find our own way to the truth.

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$ 16.95 Paperback 978-0-9841730-9-9 264 pgs
$ 6.95 E-Book 978-0-9841730-4-4



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What To Do When 911 Can't Come

V. Chames

Handbook / Course overview. Condensed Rapid Triage, First-24-Hour Action Outline, Treatment Formulas, illustrations Splinting and Bandaging, Safe Lifting & Carrying of the injured. Keep this in your first aid kit. Formulas and basic skills tanyone can do, that save lives in mass-casualty emergencies wherever you are, who othherwise might have died waiting for overwhelmed professional rescue to get there.

Paperback only, 48 pgs
$ 8.95

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