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All of us living today are in the middle of life-expanding changes in consciousness . . .

There was a book I read in college called "The Horse's Mouth" by the novelist Joyce Carey. It was a story about Gully Jimson, a rascally old fellow who had just gotten out of jail for bad checks and unspecified scams, minor crimes and misdemeanors. He was an artist who'd had some success in his youth but now was old, in financial straits, and none-too-honest about the schemes he attempts to remedy those things with. He is all too human, and he makes many mistakes, but he walks boldly into each day of life. The story is full of humor, surprise and absurdity. Gully gets into a number of dubious misadventures, mostly because he is a unique and colorful "old coot" of a character.

What's remarkable about Gully Jimson is his relentless passion for his art, and his unshakeable faith in life and in God. He had a different sort of spirituality, but it was genuine. He refers to God as "The Horse," and whenever he got a great artistic idea, an inspiration, or a revelation, he would say "I got it straight from the Horse."

I always loved horses as a child, in the idealistic, romantic, impractical way that children do. That's how I learned about horseracing. The term "darkhorse" means an unknown entity, a horse deemed not very likely to win. The odds are long against a darkhorse. But once in a while, against all the odds, the darkhorse wins. Because of the odds, when the darkhorse does win, s/he wins big.

Nothing is really impossible unless you believe it is. In this life, if you believe you have a chance, and you run the best race you can, you have as much chance as anybody. In spite of the odds, in spite of the looks of things, you could win the race. Any race.

The term "the horse's mouth" originated with "bookies" and tipsters and racetrrack gamblers. It meant the assurance of truth and certainty (which of course there is very little of in raciehorse betting!) It means, "THIS horse is going to win for sure – I got the information straight from the horse's mouth."


The quintessential darkhorse was Seabiscuit. The book, Seabiscuit, An American Legend written by Laura Hillenbrand is a beautiful and gripping personal biography about him. A film was also made from the book. To lift your heart, your soul, and your faith, Read the book, and also check out the program video: PBS "American Experience: Seabiscuit" or just Google Seabiscuit..